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Physical Education, after school activities and sports

It's a new school year but not your regular school year. With Covid-19 limiting most activities including attending school what will you do for your child? Being stuck on a small laptop all day long has become the new norm for most kids these days. Without real knowledge of Covid-19 and how it affects children, how it can spread from children to adults especially senior citizens can be real scary these days. Many families fear sending their children to school for those reasons.

As a concerned parent you have to ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you trust your child's teachers to ensure they keep their masks on and socially distance themselves from others?

  • Will your child's school have appropriate activities that nourish a healthy lifestyle?

  • Will your child's school have physical education this year?

  • How can you prevent one child from infecting their entire class with Covid-19?

  • How will your child deal with the stress of school without a release such as sports?

These are all very real questions.

You may have to find other safe alternatives for your child's and your sanity from being stuck at home all day and night. It may be that all those activities which were always included before Covid-19 may have to be found elsewhere.

Many team sports have already postponed their schedule to several months down the road. That also includes high school and college as well. What will you arrange for your child to continue exercising and playing some kind of sport.

Martial arts may be a great alternative during this stressful period. Martial arts offers not only everything that team sports offer. They also offer great family values such as:

INCREASED ATTENTION SPAN & FOCUS Children will begin by keeping their eyes focus on the eyes of people speaking to them. They will begin paying more attention to their teachers and for longer periods of time, therefore hearing and learning more. Focus is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. With martial arts training at Modern Martial Arts & Fitness we train children muscles and mind.

CONFIDENCE GROWTH A confidence child is a happy child. They no longer live in anxiety or fear. Confidence is the first step to get a child to succeed at all areas of life. Once confidence is developed, the instructors at our studio can now begin getting a child to perform at a level that was once unthought of for them.

SELF DISCIPLINE Getting a child to do what they are told can be challenging enough, and our program will develop respectful disciplined kids, but more important is getting a child to do what they are not told. Develop self-discipline is children where they have the knowledge to know what they should do, and they do it! This trait will be invaluable as they grow into successful teens and adults.

INCREASED FITNESS & WEIGHT LOSS Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Weight Loss are all benefits that parents can expect to receive with martial arts training here. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. A child’s endurance and stamina will peak as we increase their cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits for their body will be felt in their daily life and activities, increasing their energy and confidence.

Whether your child is in grade school, middle school or high school we have a great martial arts class for them.

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