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Kung fu is a Chinese system of martial arts and considered the grandfather to all other martial systems due to its antiquity and complexity. Most fight choreography and movie scenes are based in Kung Fu techniques. It literally translates to “great skill, acquired through hard work, over a long period of time.” It's a term not restricted to the martial arts.


All martial arts can offer self-defense, discipline, focus and strength. However, the Chinese arts increase vitality, self-awareness and  longevity. Chinese medicine is directly related to Kung Fu, so the health benefits are numerous and injuries rare.


The main distinction for Kung fu is that it contains both internal and external practices. The yin/yang is a symbol of that balance. That’s why small people and women can demonstrate amazing power and effectivity against people twice their size. It is not physical strength that is being matched. When you pin physical against energetic, energy is unlimited, so it always wins.

Finally, the hard work is equal to the fun and empowerment achieved through regular practice. You will experience benefits outside of the classroom in your daily life as more confidence, tolerance and overall personal power. Join us.

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