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How to lose weight, enhance performance and feel good about yourself

People ask me all the time how to lose weight, stay focused and stay strong.. In my life I’ve been a martial arts competitor, fitness trainer, personal trainer and Martial Arts instructor I’ve always tried to enhance my body’s potential to not only age slower but improve my athletic performance by way of various training regimens as well as nutritional philosophies.

Never had I had such success as I have with using Mr. Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. If this blueprint to a healthier and happier life can work for a 50+ year old imagine what it can do for you.

Here is the 7-Lesson Course on Primal Blueprint Fundamentals which anyone can follow. Just click the links below and you’ll be well on your path to healthy Primal living in the modern world!

Lesson 1: Lifelong Health Starts Here Your introduction to Grok logic: When humans began diverting from their ancestral hunter-gatherer lifestyle, health suffered. When processed food began crowding out natural, whole food, health suffered even more.

Lesson 2: How Agriculture Ruined Your Health (and What to Do About It) How carb-heavy grains became the predominant nutrient in the Western diet, and subsequently led to the obesity pandemic…and how the low-fat craze helped.

Lesson 3: Why Eating Animals Makes Everything Easier Introducing the Fat Paradigm—learn how to burn your body fat for fuel.

Lesson 4: What to Eat and What to Avoid for Lifelong Health Wondering what exactly you can eat on a Primal Blueprint diet? Here’s the low-down on what foods to avoid and what foods to chow down on.

Lesson 5: A Fitness Plan So Easy a Caveman Did It Let’s go beyond nutrition into the land of fitness, where the best form of exercise is simple, to the point and highly effective.

Lesson 6: The Three S’s You Must Get Right Learn how to prioritize the three lifestyle habits imperative to your health and well-being: sleep, stress and sunlight.

Lesson 7: Stand Up, Kick Off Your Shoes and Eat Some Dirt These Primal lifestyle behaviors will take you beyond surviving and into thriving. I’ve put together tips for gut health, play, intermittent fasting, barefooting and more!

Try this lifestyle change for a month or two and you will soon see faster results than using the traditional view on nutrition.

Until next time be safe

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