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Why Taekwondo is awesome for you

Taekwondo is defensive in nature; you use your body — the feet and fists — to calm down fights and "build a more peaceful world.

However, this mission is only one of the many advantages of a regular Taekwondo practice. You'll also experience improved fitness, discipline and concentration.

Building Fitness

A typical Taekwondo class involves dynamic punching and kicking drills, blocks, core-strengthening exercises and stretches. You'll build stamina and strength through such active movements.

For younger children, learning and practicing the poomsaes — specific patterns of defense and attack movements — leads to better motor skills and body control.

Learning Respect Respect and honor are tenants of Taekwondo. You respect the discipline, the dojo — or studio — and your teacher. You're expected to come neatly dressed in a clean uniform and adhere to the rules of the gym. At the beginning and end of class, you bow to your teacher.

Higher belt athletes also hold some authority in the studio as they've demonstrated the discipline and physical fortitude to achieve their status. You learn to respect them and their commands.

This respect for cleanliness, discipline and people of authority translates to space outside of the dojo, whether that be school, work or home.

Practicing Self-Discipline In addition to building respect for authority, Taekwondo teaches athletes to respect themselves. Advances in the belts builds self-confidence. The discipline required in learning forms and specific punching and kicking techniques builds confidence and mental focus.

In children, you might notice grades and behavior improve as Taekwondo builds their confidence and enhances their attention.

Engaging in Self Defense At its core, Taekwondo is about learning to diffuse situations. The practice is defensive, rather than offensive. What you learn in Taekwondo training can prevent you from becoming a victim in threatening situations.

Increasing Concentration Taekwondo also involves unifying the mind with the body. The concentration required to learn and practice the forms (poomsaes) gives you better control of your punching and kicking, which leads to harmony within your body. When your body works in harmony, you can translate this to the entirety of your life and how you operate in society.

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