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Prevent the Spike - Tips for Balancing Blood Sugar this Holiday Season

  • Plan Ahead - Look at the menu in advance or ask the holiday host what they plan to serve. A little pre-planning will help empower you to choose food that keeps your blood sugar and energy balance. Having a mindful approach will help you balance your plate with the right amount of carb choices for improved blood sugar control.

  • Serve Smaller Portions - Serving yourself on a smaller plate and space out the timing of meals and snacks to promote healthy blood sugar balance. Try to stay as close as possible to your normal eating schedule, while still enjoying your time spent with friends and family.

  • Use the Plate Method - This simple trick is an easy tool anyone can use to help balance carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake.

  • Be Choosy with Desserts - While sampling every dessert can be tempting, these bites can really impact your blood sugar. Opt for fresh fruit or consider making a low sugar dessert to share. If you know you really want to enjoy Aunt Sally’s signature dessert, skip the starch at your dinner meal and instead opt for meat, side vegetables, and salad.

  • Skip the Sweet Sips - Sweet tea, fruity cocktails, and other sugar-sweetened beverages can spike your blood sugar pretty quickly. A simple swap to unsweetened beverages, such as unsweetened iced tea, herbal teas, flavored sparkling water, or club soda and lime, can help prevent major blood sugar spikes.

For more information on nutrition please visit our friend Dina Garcia at

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