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Piloxing has come to Miami Shores

Is Piloxing the new Zumba?

  • This Hot fitness trend combines Pilates with BOXING

  • Work out is both fat-burning and body sculpting

  • Weighted gloves are worn and pumping music played

If you want to get in shape by unleashing your inner Rocky while feeling like you're in a scene from Flashdance then Piloxing is for you.

Pil-what-ing? It might sound like a vaccination programme or a take on the vintage pill box hat but Piloxing actually is the hot, new way to get fit.

The workout combines moves from Pilates and boxing so it's both fat-burning and body sculpting.

'It isn't for the faint hearted, I used to come out of Zumba bright red and sweating, and this is even more intense.

'It is interval training which combines boxing, standing Pilates, even a little bit of dance, and all at 145 beats a minute, which is exhausting but gets the endorphins going. I am hooked and it now forms a key part of my fitness regime.'

Piloxing is a combination of two great fitness disciplines, boxing and pilates. An all over body workout starting at your core.

And now it has traveled to Miami Shores and located at!

So if you want to lose weight while having the time of your life book a FREE class today by simply clicking the link below...

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