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A Child's Self-Esteem can affect his whole life

How a Martial Arts Program can increase Self-Esteem:

  • Martial Arts classes use positive reinforcement. Instructors bring out the best in kids by identifying strong points and effort. Kids get feel great about themselves each time they experience classes.

  • Students practice things they are good at so they find a sense of pride. They are then given increased challenges. Their confidence increases as they discover they can accomplish more difficult drills and moves. Instructors are good finders and remind students of their abilities.

  • Does the little voice in your child’s head often say “I’m no good at this” or “I can’t do it – it’s too hard for me”? That negative thinking happens to everyone. However a good martial arts program surrounds kids with positive peer pressure and support from other students and parents. When the instructor yells out “What are the three most powerful words?” You will hear the kids respond “YES I CAN.”

  • Martial Arts has three rules. These rules are used to ensure kids compare themselves and their progress with themselves.

  • 1. Have fun

  • 2. Try YOUR best

  • 3. Improve every time.

  • Kids spend time on positive things including exercise, fitness, eating healthy and becoming a leader.

  • Kids pitch in to support one another in class and to help beginning students. This makes them feel worthy and important. All steps lead to Self-esteem.

Kids with good self-esteem are more likely to try again. They expect to do better next time – and usually they do!

If this sounds like something you be interested then try a FREE class. Simply or call us at 305-542-5549 or email us at .

Until next time be safe.

Instructor Joe Chao

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