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knife self defense workshop 4


arnis & filipino knife fighting

Saturday November 23rd, 2019

2 pm to 5 pm


Master Chad Bailey is an expert in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Tai Chi and Martial Arts, who brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his sessions. Through traveling and research he was able to experience a wide range of fighting styles and healing techniques. He has black belts in six different styles (three 3rd degree black belts: Kenpo Karate, Cadena de Mano and Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima and Eskrido/CDP). He currently studies Nei Jia Quan (Internal Martial Arts), CDP Eskrima and Eskrido with Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, Counterpoint Tactical Systems & CDP with Master Zach Whitson and Kuntao Silat de Thouars with Bepak Willem de Thouars.


Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) is one of the more famous styles of knife fighting. FMA incorporates three umbrella terms, “Escrima, Kali and Arnis”. Some will try to argue that one is better than the other but essentially they are all the same thing. A style of fighting that encompasses swords, sticks, knives and empty-hands. 

Even though this course is part of our Knife Self Defense Instructor Certification Course it is also a stand alone workshop. The principles and techniques taught during this workshop enhances flow and movement using Filipino Martial Arts flow drills and partner drills. A Certificate of Participation will be earned at the end of this three hour workshop.

This workshop is part of our "Knife Self Defense Instructor Certification". Those who already completed their Level 1 Instructor Certification will need this workshop as they continue on to the level 2 Instructor Certification.


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