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passport to the world of martial arts


Every year we team up with participating martial arts schools to offer FREE to the public a tour of the world of Martial Arts. Each day we have different Masters from different disciplines from all around the world.

This year we are offering 2 weeks worth of fun filled and educational enlightenment. Here are some of the styles we will be offering to anyone who is interested in participating. Some of these classes are just for teens/adults while others are for suitable for children 7 and older.

Class space is limited so reserve your spot on the Summer Passport calendar button below in GREEN.

Atemi Ryu Jiu Jitsu & karate from Japan

Muay Thai Kickboxing from Thailand

Mixed Martial Arts from USA

Arnis from the Philippines

Tomiki Aikido from Japan

Krav Maga from Israel

capoeira from brazil

Boxing from England

participating schools

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