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How to Get Rid of "Man Boobs"

It’s one of every guy's worst nightmares: man boobs. You saw it on the Seinfeld episode “The Mansierre,” in which Kramer developed a bra for guys who were suffering from a little too much breast development.

But let’s face it: No man wants to wear a bra. So how can you win this man boob battle? It comes down to gaining control of your diet and committing to the proper exercise program.

Why You Get Man Boobs

Let's start with why you even get man boobs in the first place. There are two main reasons. The first is if you're generally overweight, then you'll likely have excess fatty tissue that's stored over the pectoral muscles. A common myth is that you can spot reduce your man boobs, but unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose where your body is going to shed its fat, so you will just have to lower it overall.

The second reason guys get man boobs is due to a medical condition called gynecomastia. This is a hormonal condition in which the body produces an increased amount of estrogen and a decreased amount of testosterone.

Gynecomastia can often happen as the result of taking certain medications that influence the body's hormonal levels. It can also occur if someone is suffering from a testicular tumor, which causes estrogen production to significantly increase. If that's the case, you'll need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor may re-evaluate your medication or give you an anti-estrogen treatment.

The Best Cardio for Man Boobs

If you fall into the first category described above, you'll have to adhere to a cardio and strength-training workout program and follow a proper diet to get rid of your man boobs.

You have to create a caloric deficit in order to lose weight. This means either increasing the number of calories you expend through exercise or reducing the number of calories you take in by changing your diet. If you're smart, you will do both.

Once your diet is in check, cardio will enable you to burn a significant amount of calories over a set period of time, helping you to achieve the caloric deficit that is necessary to get rid of your man boobs.

1. Hight-intensity interval training (HIIT): Interval training is your best option because it'll kick your metabolism into high gear. Since it's so intense, your body will expend a great deal of calories — even after you're finished working out — in order to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues that have been damaged.

2. Kickboxing & Boxing: Martial arts training especially intense martial arts training such as kickboxing or Muay Thai is an all body workout with intense short sessions followed by short rest periods. Sweating buckets is not an option but a requirement.

3. Running: Generally, one of the easiest and most accessible modes of cardiovascular exercise for fat loss is running. However, if you have joint problems or just really hate running, there are several other methods that can be substituted.

4. Rowing: A good option is to use a rowing machine or to actually go rowing outside. Rowing is a great form of exercise for getting rid of man boobs since it encompasses all your upper body muscles, allowing you to sculpt your chest while you burn fat.

5. Elliptical machine: While biking is a good cardiovascular workout, it focuses more specifically on your lower body. Many people turn to the elliptical machine for their cardio sessions. This machine is a great calorie burner since it uses both arms and legs, and it is easy on the joints.

The Best Exercises for Man Boobs

Alright, you're eating healthier and getting some kind of cardio in most days of the week. Time to add some strength training. While you should do whole-body strength training workouts two to three days a week, you'll also want to incorporate exercises that specifically target your chest.

That way, once you drop enough body fat, you'll reveal sculpted, chiseled pecs underneath. Here are three of your best bets:

1. Push-ups: This is the best option for when you can't get to the gym or don't have any weights at home. All you need is you body weight. Start in the plank with your hands under you shoulders. Keeping a straight body line from head to toe, bend your elbows to lower your chest to the ground and press back up. once the pushups become easy try changing the angle of the pushups. Go from standard military push ups to close grip to wide grip pushups.

2. Heavy Bag work: Hitting the heavy bag is one of the best and fun exercises you can do. You not only get great cardio, you also develop intensity, power and learn how to defend yourself all at the same time. You focus on using your arms, shoulders and chest with every strike or combination. You also get to remove stress and vent all your daily frustrations out.

3. Chest flye: Here's one more exercise you can do either at the gym or at home with weights. Lie on your back on a weight bench with your feet on the floor and grab a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms out to the side so that the dumbbells are level with your chest, elbows slightly bent and palms facing toward you. Lift the dumbbells until they're directly over your chest, and then lower back to the start.

If you are suffering from man boobs consider joining a gym or martial arts studio that focuses a lot on conditioning. Try different styles or gyms so you can see which one you enjoy the most. In fact we offer three different martial arts programs in our studio. We offer Muay Thai Kickboxing, Israeli Krav Maga and Japanese Aikido.

Now would be the best time to try them out and join because we are having our Spring into Fitness Special.

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