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The Pursuit of Health: Science & Hacks for Weight Control

It's not about the 5 lbs. your need to lose for an upcoming wedding


Master Instructor Ana Rodriguez Full


Licensed AFAA Pilates

Licensed AFAA Personal Trainer

Licensed Piloxing Instructor

Licensed Aquapole Instructor

Licensed STRONG Nation Instructor

Licensed Kangoo Jumps Instructor

Licensed Indoor Cycling Instructor

Understanding calories coming in vs. calories coming out
Labels and shopping: How to make better choices
Research based tips that actually work
Tracking Macros vs. Intuitive eating
Best exercises for you
Setting realistic goals
Making the best you
Staying the course
It's all about you

Weight, BMI and Bodyfat Analysis $5

Saturday October 3rd, 2020
2 pm to 4pm
Early bird price $30/ Day of event $40


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