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Don't know what to get your mom, wife or friend for Mother's Day. We we have the answer for you. Give the gift of health and security. Save lots of $$$ by purchasing this incredible deal.


Here is what you get for just $100 - Unlimited classes 

  • 4 weeks of authentic training in any of the following disciplines

    • Kung Fu

    • Kickboxing

    • Krav Maga

    • Sanda

    • Boxing

  • No contracts

  • No uniform

  • No deposits


Just $100 for 1 month to kickstart your body back in shape. Summer is almost here. Call us today at 305-542-5549 or stop in. 


This special is good for the entire  month of May

The participant has to be a mother, so guys you will have to wait for our Fathers Day Special in June.

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