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Kendo, literally the Way of the Sword, is the art of Japanese fencing.  It is one of the oldest and most respected martial arts (budo) of Japan and traces its origins to the techniques and methods used by the samurai to gain mastery of the sword (katana), and ultimately of the mind.


The word itself, composed of the ideographs (kanji) for sword (ken) and way (do), conveys a deeper meaning than the mere acquiring of technique. Kendo implies a lifelong pursuit of self-knowledge and self-discipline through a demanding physical and mental training regimen.

This rigorous training will develop stamina and endurance, increase agility and flexibility, enhance mental concentration and alertness, and promote all-round well-being. Training in kendo is based on a variety of offensive and defensive movements or techniques (waza). Of these most fundamental (kihon waza) are stance (kamae), footwork (suri ashi), strikes (uchi), thrusts (tsuki), feints and parries.

Kendo is a fun and exciting competitive sport and has state and national tournaments year round. Our kendo class is taught twice a month during the aikido class by our Sensei James Murphy.

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