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Our family "No Gi Jiu Jitsu" combines the best of both worlds. Not only can your child train but teen and adults can train with them at the same time. The class starts with everyone in the main room so everyone can participate in the exercises and basic drills. Afterwards the children are moved to the secondary room where they will train in techniques and competitive fun drills together away from the adults. This way you get to spend quality time with your child and then train with other adults in the main room.

Both classes are taught by certified instructors who not only have experience with teach martial arts but also Child Development. The best part is they are a married couple who bring their children to class as well so you know that safety and patience are a priority.

This class starts at age 6 until age 65.

So why not try a class together for just $19.95 or your child can try 2 classes for $19.95.

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