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knife self defense certification workshops

Knife fighting has always been one of the most misunderstood topics in self-defense. Although everyone agrees that the knife can be an effective weapon, there’s no consensus when it comes to effective knife self defense tactics. Some practitioners swear by the traditional European and Asian systems; others look to military combatives as the ultimate source of blade techniques.

We, at Modern Martial Arts & Fitness strongly feel that a combination of both will lead to a better understanding of edged weapons combat/self defense techniques.

Our workshops combine the ancient knowledge from the Asian systems such as Kung Fu and Kali while adding more modern systems such as Krav Maga and JKD to offer participants a complete understanding of the many ways one can use a knife for self defense. We also add tomahawk techniques used by American frontiersman so one can learn to use two edged weapons at once in more advanced workshops.

One may ask "How and why would I carry a knife and tomahawk?"  This is a good question because there is always the legal aspect of carrying weapons on your person or in your vehicle. Everyday tools can be substituted for long edged weapons.

  • A simple screwdriver can replace a knife.

  • A simple hammer can replace a tomahawk.

The same techniques taught in our workshops could easily be used with those same simple tools that you can carry in your vehicle, home or on your person and no enforcement officer will harass you.

Each Level Workshop builds on the prior workshop. So our Level 2 Knife Sparring workshop builds on what is learned in the Level 1 workshop so you must take each course in order. Each workshop offers a certificate of completion. Once all three workshops have been completed a Knife Self Defense Tactics Certification will be awarded.

Each workshop can be reserved and paid for online for $40 per session or you can purchase the entire course for $110. Space is limited to 16 participants per workshop so reserve your spot today by clicking on the green sign up button under each workshop.

Below are a list of the edged weapons workshops. 

workshop 1

7/27/2019 2-4PM

IMG_3072 3.JPG

 knife fighting tactics

Workshop 1 consists of basic flowing moves used by ancient martial artists in China and the Philippines. The circular and angled attacks mimics the crashing of waves while keeping the participant moving in and out of the assailants perimeter. The Asian systems of Kung Fu  and Kali have always believed in flowing in and out keeping the opponents confused. Using this method of knife fighting will teach you how to use unorthodox moves and methods not seen in more modern militaristic styles.


At the same time the modern military techniques from Krav Maga and JKD will be taught. These methods are much simpler and more direct than the Asian methods relying more on linear and angular movements as well as timing.


The workshop consists of the following.

  • Two hours of intense training

  • Handouts covering key points

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Training knife use

workshop 2

8/10/2019 2-4PM

IMG_3072 28.JPG

knife sparring workshop

Our Knife Sparring workshop builds on workshop 1 techniques by allowing the participants to learn application on a partner in relative safety. The training knives used during this workshop have a felt strip which can mark the opponents arms and torso. Once the edge of the training knife rubs on your partners body it will leave a very noticeable mark showing everyone what would have happened if a real knife was used. 

This workshop consists of the following:

  • Two hours of intense practice and sparring

  • Certificate of completion

  • Use of sparring knives

  • Use of protective helmet

  • Use of protective gloves

  • A white t-shirt must be brought to the workshop

workshop 3

8/24/2019 2-4PM


knife cutting workshop

After learning how to use a knife in self defense situation in workshop 1 and testing your ability to knife fight in workshop 2, we then complete the certification with actual use of live blades. Due to the inherent danger of this workshop we have strict control for your safety. The use of various knives and objects to cut offers the participant a better understanding of which knife they prefer. At the same time the practical use of the blade is learned as well as the proper movement and angle of the cut. 

This is a very messy workshop so bring clothing that can be easily cleaned or disposed of. Only one participant at a time will be using the live blades for safety reasons. The work shop consists of the following:

  • Various military and civilian knives to use

  • Various targets and objects to cut 

  • Certificate of completion will be awarded

  • Knife Self Defense Course Certification will be awarded to those who have completed all three workshops. This will allow you to teach limited knife fighting classes at your martial arts school.

  • Invitation to Knife and Tomahawk workshop

  • All participants must wear tactical gloves

  • Live blades will be available for purchase after the course is completed


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