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concealed weapons permit workshop


at the door $60

Saturday august 5th, 2017 2pm to 4pm

Welcome, we are NRA Certified Instructors and enjoy teaching others how to safely handle and use their firearms.
Our mission and purpose is to educate those interested in firearms to the safe handling, use of them and protecting your family.

Through our classes you can:
*Get your Concealed Carry Permit in Florida
*Understand the Florida Statue 790.
*Firearm Safety/Handing (Basic Pistol Training)
*Self-defense guidelines, where can and cannot carry
*Understand the “Castle Doctrine” & “Stand Your Ground”
also Included in the course are free materials, state applications and free notary.


Classes given by:

Ismael Acevedo

NRA Certified Instructor

NRA # 214318204

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